Using Ambient Light To Photograph Flowers

One of the most important things in a photographer’s arsenal is light. Without it, there would be no photography (definition: “the process or art of producing images of objects on sensitised surfaces by the chemical action of light”). In the case of nature, landscape and wildlife photographers, light is incredibly important because the vast majority of the time it is natural – from the sun. Speaking from my own personal experience, I govern my photography schedule on how much light will be present (what time of day to photograph), the quantity of light (how cloudy it will be) and the quality of light (gentle, colourful light at sunrise/sunset, diffused light on cloudy days or bright sunlit on sunny days). Working with the sun’s light outdoors, or the available ambient light, means that to an extent we are limited on the number of ways we can use that light.

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DIY Photography – Screw Threads

I’ve been doing a bit of DIY photography over the past few days, trying to motorise a slider for my Timelapse Wiltshire film and thought I would quickly share a problem I came across regarding screw thread sizes.

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Photography in April

April has been a very productive month for me, perhaps because on the whole the weather has been pretty good. Coupled with the emergence of spring flowers and wildlife, I’ve been able to get out with my camera often to photograph these new species, as well as the landscape surrounding them.

As it’s the last day of April, I thought I would share some of my favourite images from my shoots over the last 30 days…

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Landscape Photography in the Cairngorms – March 2015

The Cairngorms is a beautiful part of the United Kingdom and, with over 1000 sq km of land in its National Park, it’s big too! From the 14th to the 21st of March 2015 I travelled to the north of the Cairngorms to stay on the Glenlivet estate with friends and fellow photographers, spending a week photographing the landscape and wildlife. In this blog post I will be documenting the landscape photography I did during my trip.

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Timelapse Wiltshire Film

I am very pleased and excited to announce the beginning of my latest timelapse film! Entitled ‘Timelapse Wiltshire’, it is a long-term project which I expect to take most of 2015 to make. Over the course of the year, I will be visiting as many of the beautiful, historic, iconic and picturesque locations I can find in a personal effort to sum up the county I have lived in my whole life.

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